Channel 4 News: Live in the D

Posted:Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 9:29 am

Live In The D takes a closer look at a new park for kids coming soon to Macomb County.

Visit the TROOP 30409 website to view their participation in Fraser First Booster Club.

Look for Fraser First Park-$-Ching Meters near you.


These handy donation stations are collecting all kinds of change to help us build our barrier-free park and build a better life for our children and our community. So if you see one, be sure to dropsomething in for our barrier-free playground.

If you’re a Fraser business and you’d like to host one of our Park-$-Ching meters, just email us at: We appreciate all you do and all you give to help us build the kind of barrier-free playground for all children.

We’re one day closer!