Posted:Friday, April 1st, 2016 at 1:30 pm



I work for a non-profit organization in Warren called CSDD – Life Enrichment Academy. CSDD – LEA is a training center for individuals over 18 who have varying degrees of special needs. I facilitate the Technology Development group there, Monday through Friday. Our group collectively creates an on-site newsletter, which started in October of 2015.

It all started when a coworker handed me a pamphlet about a “barrier-free park” in Fraser. I looked at it and asked what this could have to do with my group. She told me that maybe I could find a way to interview someone associated with this park.

That was about 6 months ago. Initially, I put a photo of the park and used some of the material found in the pamphlet to write a little blurb. I thought I should contact Vania Apps to asked if that was alright. From there, we scheduled an interview with my group, which appeared in the second issue of the new publication, called Warren Words. Since then, the Fraser First Booster club, Vania and McKinley Park have been a regular feature in our newsletter, whether front page news or updates, on the progress and fundraisers. This has been a neighborhood partnership ever since.

The CSDD – Life Enrichment Academy’s Skill Builder’s groups, facilitated by Ralph Lang and Paul Vernarsky, are also getting involved by creating a piece for this year’s upcoming “Art in the Park” fundraiser event, which will take place on Thursday, April 21st from 5:30 – 8:00pm at the Fraser Activity Center. We are so excited about this effort and the networking we are doing and will continue to do to help see McKinley Park come to its completion.

~Tena Harris