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Phase II (2017) – Let’s Build A Playground!

Phase II, completed in 2017, included a jet-themed playscape, fire truck, and a toddler sand lot, along with a “Sway-Fun” accessible glider. Later improvements included swings and surfacing, providing additional recreation.

An exciting part of this project was the “Community Build.” Dozens of volunteers including residents, organizations came together to assemble the playscapes on a hot September weekend.

Primary funding for this phase of the project was made possible through a Land, Water, Conservation Fund Grant, $50,000 in direct matching funds from Fraser First, and $50,000 in matching funds from the City of Fraser, This resulted in a $100,000 grant from the federal government.


The Fraser Paid-On-Call Firefighters raised money for many years to add this great feature to the park. Additionally, a “Community Challenge” fundraiser brought out many in the community and made it a reality!


One of the earliest and most passionate supporters, Sandy Caloia made it her legacy to ensure that the sandlot provide fun for all children.


The largest piece, the jet, was funded through the LWCF grant, the city matching funds, and the Fraser First Booster Club match.


Additionally, the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan and The Detroit Auto Dealers Association Foundation funded the entire Sway-Fun glider.

The addition of the swings and surfacing was made possible through the generosity of a single private donor, and a grant through the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan and the Ralph Wilson Foundation.

Dollars Raised

  • $300,000 Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant
  • $200,000 Land Water Conservation Fund Grant
  • Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan and Ralph Wilson Foundation
  • Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan and Detroit Auto Dealers Association


What started as a small group of dedicated volunteers has turned into a project with community-wide support, including hundreds of donors, supporters, and volunteers that have helped make this project a success.


Contributors to the project include the hundreds of residents, friends, and supporters, private donors, the City of Fraser, and grants from the State of Michigan and the Land, Water, Conservation Fund.

Barrier-free Park

McKinley Park is a “barrier-free” park and playground, offering accessible outdoor recreation for children and adults of all abilities, with a particular focus on the needs of those with special challenges. 

 Phase 2 Sponsors

Phase 2 Sponsors
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Phase 2 Sponsors
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Phase 2 Sponsors

  • Fraser First Booster Club
  • City of Fraser
  • Fraser Lions Club
  • Fraser Paid-On-Call Firefighters
  • McKinley Family
  • Land, Water, Conservation Fund Grant
  • Hundreds of individual donors and supporters

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