We came across this inspirational article about a Japanese woman who lost her arm, but was still able to overcome and flourish despite her set backs. This was too good not to share. If you are ever feeling down, remember, you can always find a way to persevere.

“In 2004, Japanese nursing student Manami Ito lost her right arm in a traffic accident. While coming to terms with this life-changing event, she decided to put her dreams on hold. However, when she went to pick up her new artificial arm at a facility, she noticed people with similar disabilities playing basketball. This inspiring sight motivated Ito to overcome her obstacles and set new goals for herself.

Now, at 33 years old, Ito boasts an eclectic background. Since the accident, she has become a nurse (the first in Japan to have a prosthetic), and a world-renowned Paralympian swimmer. Additionally, she has started touring the country for yet another talent: playing the violin.”

One-Armed Violinist Performs Beautiful Solo With Custom-Built Prosthetic Bow Arm